Dashboards & Data Resources

Data Dashboards

Enrollments (Public Access)

Enrollments (NCSSM Access)

Description: This set of dashboard contains enrollment information for the residential (Durham and Morganton), online, and Connect programs. Data are provided concerning overall numbers, racial demographics, county of residence, and sex. 

Resources: Enrollment Dashboard How to Guide

Employee Factsheet (Public Access)

Employee Factbook (NCSSM Access)

Description: This set of dashboard contains information on employee's such a classification, salary, highest degree obtained, demographics other relevant information concerning employment. The internal factbook allows for additional features such a filtering for new hires, and provides information for managers across the institution.

Resources: Coming Soon!!!

UNC System Data Reports, Dashboards, and other data resources

The UNC system has a variety of public facing dashboards concerning enrollments, admissions by high school and district, and other important metrics for student success across the 17 constituent institutions. This interactive dashboard contains Fact Sheets for all 17 constituent institutions, including NCSSM.

This dashboard from the UNC System provides admissions and performance data and trends about high school graduates pursuing degrees at all UNC System universities.

Details of NCSSM's performance metrics for the UNC System as informed by the UNC System Strategic Plan.

Data Reports and other resources


As part of our environmental scan in the 2021 - 2022 school year, we produced a series of data factsheets concerning enrollments, employees, and student success. Publicly available factsheets are avaialable here.

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